【 Men's Health Therapy 】

※ Men only ※

We use translation devices to communicate with each other.

🔷  You can get a massage at your hotel 🔷

※ Only hotels located in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture can offer on-site massage services. ※

Some hotels restrict the use of therapists who do not have a contract with the hotel. Please be aware that our therapists will not be able to come to your room if the hotel staff does not give you permission to invite a therapist who does not have a contract to your room. 

If you tell the hotel staff that you want to invite a therapist who does not have a contract to your room, they may give you permission to enter your room only at the time of the treatment.

⚠️⚠️ According to the Japanese fire regulations, hotel staff are obliged to know who is in each guest room and how many people are there. In order for hotel staff to fulfill their duties and to fulfill their mission to protect the precious lives of guests in the event of a disaster such as a fire or earthquake, please cooperate in informing hotel staff that a therapist will be invited to the guest room. ⚠️⚠️

🏠️ Foreigners living in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture can receive a massage at your home. 🏠️

💰 Cost 💰

 The treatment at the hotel is ...7,500 yen.

( 47.526268 USD )

1 JPY = 0.00633684 USD

1 USD = 157.807 JPY


💁 Payment Method 💁

In our hospital, we don't have any spare money,  because we ask you to pay without cash.If you pay in cash, please prepare the exact amount.

Cash / Credit Card

⏰ 🎌 Business hours 🎌 ⏰

( Reservation deadline is 90 minutes before your desired start time )
※ Final reservation time 22:00 ※

⌚ Time taken to implement ⌚

You can choose the approximate massage time ( approximately 60 minutes or approximately 120 minutes ). This is just a rough estimate. The price does not change.

<< Reservation / Consulting >>

※ Please inquire in Japanese ※

[email protected]

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【 Men's Health Therapy 】

🍀 The massage is done by a male masseur to a male customer. ☘️

※ For clients who do not wish to have a testicular massage, we will offer a non-testicular massage, so please ask your therapist before starting the massage. (We will massage the groin area) ※

Features (1)
By pressing and kneading (kneading), massage (Touch it.), lower limb movements to relieve muscle tension, thereby regulating the balance of joints and the body, eliminate stiff shoulders, lower back pain and other body pain and discomfort.

Features (2)
Men's health treatment also performed groin surgery. The groin is one of the sites with more lymphatic concentration, which can improve the mobility of the hip joint, prevent and reduce leg edema, low back pain, relieve fatigue and increase energy.

Features (3)
Testicular massage can be expected to increase testosterone (androgenic hormone) effect, and is said to be effective for “improve male function,” “To relieve fatigue and discomfort,” “Relief of low back pain and back pain,” “restore renal function” and so on.

【 Notes on Men's Health Therapy 】

① Please be aware that if you wish to receive men's health treatment at our hospital, you may come into contact with your chest/ni/ abdomen/ocks/groin/testes/or your body.

② Men who refuse to be seen or touched by the practitioner in their naked pubic area, who refuse to be touched in their ocks and, nipples and testicles, or penises, or who refuse to be held close to their body, shall be excluded from Men's Health Care.

③ At our clinic, we massage your body and crotch without covering your body with a towel so that you can feel the openness of testicular massage.

④ You will need to take off your pants and underpants as it will touch your and testicles directly.

⑤ You can get a full body massage all at once. Massage is not limited to the area where you want to improve or relieve symptoms.

※ The therapist will massage while wearing the clothes.

<< For those who do not wish to receive testicular massage >>

① In the course of massage, will be across the clothes and pants to touch the chest, abdomen, hips, groin and other parts, but also on these parts of the massage. When you massage your groin, you touch your and testicles across your pants. But there is no such thing as testicular massage.

② Therapists sometimes tighten the body. Men's health treatment is not given to those who are reluctant to stick to their bodies.

③ For those who don't want to get testicular massage, this massage is for those who only want to get a full body massage (I will massage your groin.).

※The therapist will massage you while wearing your clothes. 

Please understand the above reasons and precautions and use this hospital.

⚠️ Men's Health Therapy for the purpose of improving and relieving symptoms and maintaining the body through relaxation effects. It is not a massage to satisfy sexual needs. Not a sexual service or an act of sexual curiosity ⚠️